Jan 15, 2010

Devil's Philosopher lineart

Devils Philosopher Lineart
I'm trying a new line art method. The result has been much cleaner finished linework, but it takes longer because I've never done it before. So far I like the result though! This is my finished lineart for this character, and although the colors are probably going to go through many more variations before I make a decision... I'm happy with where it's at so far.

Jan 7, 2010

I'm keeping busy

A couple of new updates. The tree has been textured, finished, and made available for printing! There are magnets, mousepads, and high quality prints in several sizes here on my deviant art profile.

Also I did a color study from a drawing by Alvin Lee called Emma Frost and The Phoenix. I've always loved Jean Grey, and the Xmen. And I know you all like the hot comic book ladies.

Jan 3, 2010

Zbrush Vamp Bunny is complete

zbrush vampire bunny
I finally got to finish the bunny sculpt I've been practicing on. I'm pretty happy with it as a first real attempt at Zbrush. Improving the design in the modeling was quite easy, it came out much better. Especially since the original sketch was very rough and just a small idea.

Just looking at this model makes me laugh, so I consider it a success. :D