Mar 27, 2009

It taunts me!


I got nothin.. I'm offically blaming the sunshine.

Mar 20, 2009

Tommy Grrl

Tommy gun chick
OH look at this. It's about time I did another sexy girl project, I know how you all like them.

Girls, do you ever go through half the day only to randomly discover that your bra is all twisted up in the middle? Annoying! I just did that :/

Mar 12, 2009

Not your average chick tattoo

tribal butterfly tattoo

So a friend of mine asked for some tattoo designs recently. She said she wanted a tribal look but gave me a large variety of images as reference. One of the ideas she had was for a butterfly. This is the design I sent her. The art is in photoshop, I'm going to remake it in vector once its finalized so that everything will be exact. I will probably adjust some lines also as I go.

Mar 9, 2009

Daphne Yap
sketch videos

This girl is seriously fun. She is an Otis College graduate (like me!) and the personality in her drawings alone is worth a look at her work. She recently published this book that I own and love! Her homepage is under construction so here are a few sketch videos.

Mar 3, 2009

The Tree WIP

Firebli9ht tree

You'll probably want to full view this one.
This is a WIP drawing that I did this week. I'm going to keep working on the project and re-post but I got the tree done minus a few tweaks and I wanted to show it to you all. This is also a development on my first version of Firebli9ht as a plant.

Plus I felt that this awesome blackboard texture idea just had to be shared. Speaking of sharing, you can now give your reactions by clicking the little boxes below each of my posts :D