Dec 24, 2008

Sure, Christmas.

Merry Xmas. Norly.

I can't ever seem to do a holiday themed sketch to this date, but its not for lack of trying! I just never like the results and end up starting over.. and over.. and over.
So here's a few little things that never got completed...

Hope your holidays work out better than my sketches! Feel free to post comments, share your reactions, or let me know of your intentions to mail cookies! :D

Dec 23, 2008

Ludo Lullabi

A really great artist who's recently done work for the World of Warcraft comic. He is great at designing space in his work. The shapes are so strong that it gives his art an enviable confidence.

Dec 16, 2008

Jin Han
Jin Han is an artist that graduated from Otis a year before I did and a very cool guy in person. And his work is pretty awesome too. Who can't love some good comic flavor Spawn renderings eh? Throw in some dragons and you've made a regular fan-girl out of me.

LostFish's Portfolio
LostFish's Blog (♫)
LostFish is an artist I found on myspace a bit ago. Myspace, for all its flaws, has some really great opportunity for connecting with artists. LostFish has a very feminine look but with a really compelling macabre feel. I have a thing for combinations like that in an artist's work.

Dec 11, 2008

As I'm sure you know already, I post weekly updates to the 'Artlinks for the Bored and Evercurious' for all of you who are like me and sometimes wander over the web looking at images for hours.

This week's link additions are some of my favorites.

The website is in french so I linked the translated page. I absolutely love this artist's work. Every piece is flat black-ink line, but there is so much dimension just from the variations in size and shape. Something definitely to check out.

Sally Mann (nsfw)
A really great photographer I discovered recently. The gallery I linked is a quick glance at her work. The nature of some of her photography has stirred controversy, but the perspective that comes across is really incredible.

Dec 7, 2008

Dance of Burning

It's always hard to keep the energy that a first sketch seems to have, so I've left it like this for now until I can improve on it. The plan, as usual, is 'later'. :D

Dec 4, 2008

Dance of Drowning

Dance of Drowning
I've been working on my website design so this is a sketch I did a little while ago. I've started working on 2 more in the series so putting this one up now might be perfect timing. :D