Apr 24, 2021

Grey-blue Deer skull


A few in progress shots

Apr 9, 2021

Hello Darkness..

I recently started turning my large collection of photos into digital graphic art. I love these so much. But how to pick a favorite..


Feb 9, 2021

A Jewel colored racoon skull

I painted this tiny racoon skull for a friend and I never posted it! Matte black and shiny calligraphy inks create a good contrast of charcoal finish and glitzy shine.

Red Red Fox

A bright red, hand painted fox skull with blue flowers, inspired by a japanese necklace I once saw. I just love these colors.

Floral Badger hand painted skull

A black matte and floral hand painted badger skull I've created in between other projects. This is one of the first skulls I've had available for sale on my Etsy store. Enjoy!


The first glow-in-the-dark skull project

I've had an opportunity to create a couple of new art skulls between commissions, and this one is currently for sale on my Etsy store. It glows in the dark! It was so fun to make.

A few process photos for fun:

Oct 15, 2020

 Some new art skulls for fall! I've been able to get a lot more projects done this year, its helped me survive 2020 by keeping myself focused on things I want to accomplish and building towards the world I want to live in. My creative work has been one area of my life that has benefitted from the extra focus. How have you been channeling 2020 chaos into your personal development? 

Aug 27, 2018

I tried another version of the blue with a combination of the shapes from the last skull. Way more colorful this time.