Mar 23, 2010

Love Story

My grandmother, my closest family and a surrogate mother to me in many ways, has died. I am lost. And so is the light. I cannot bring myself create anything, listen to music, or feel 90% of the time. So until I do, I added a random photo for the poem in the previous post.

Help. Me. I think my heart has died.

I've always had a song for many of the major people that influenced my life in some way. I've begun compiling a list of them these days because of how consistent this habit of mine seems to be. There was a music box in my room growing up that seems fitting for this occasion, it has been a personal song that reminded me of my grandmother since I was little. It doesn't really fit the poem, but I had to post it.

Andy Williams - Where Do I Begin [ Love Story ] (music box version)

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