Mar 3, 2009

The Tree WIP

Firebli9ht tree

You'll probably want to full view this one.
This is a WIP drawing that I did this week. I'm going to keep working on the project and re-post but I got the tree done minus a few tweaks and I wanted to show it to you all. This is also a development on my first version of Firebli9ht as a plant.

Plus I felt that this awesome blackboard texture idea just had to be shared. Speaking of sharing, you can now give your reactions by clicking the little boxes below each of my posts :D


  1. Very cool illustration! How long have you been working on this piece? It looks like it was done on a caulk board which gives it a little more emotion, especially for a tree you have created.

    The Creators Club

  2. I like it. Are you going to put in highlights/deep shadows too?