Nov 25, 2017

I  had a client request an African kudu skull piece for his wall. I've wanted to do a black and gold skull for a while and this one seemed perfect for the idea because it had so many cracks and details I could bring out in the contrast of the 2 colors. I am really happy with the results!

Nov 18, 2017

I've taken to painting coyote skulls as an upgrade to the stones, and they've turned out to be very popular. Here is the blue and white version I've made a couple times so far.

Nov 11, 2017

Last year in the fall I started a project to paint river stones that I would leave out on the very popular walking and biking trail near my house, for Easter. Here are some of my results! I had so much fun that I've kept several of them around my house and I want to do more once I've had a chance to try some other ideas I'll be posting here soon.

Nov 4, 2017

I've taken to more physical projects these days, so I want to post some of my new explorations! This is a pebble front door mat that I've been working on for a while and it's finally completed.

And here is the sort of thing I have to put up with in all my project creations..

Feb 21, 2016


It's good for you.

Sep 24, 2013

Don't ask me what it is

I might turn it into a clock.

Nov 11, 2011

Green ball of flaming awesome

flaming fire ball

I've worked on this as a test and it came out so sexy that I had to share it. I started out with a tutorial here, but I ended up doing quite a bit of painting. Next round I plan on painting start to finish. I love the green-blue color of burning copper, which is probably why I chose not to use the usual orange for my flame ball.

Nov 7, 2011


Photoshop Dusk Painting

Drove past the water at dusk the other day and saw these fishermen out in their coats on the dock. The sunset seemed to look as equally cold as it felt outside, with the warm light giving out to icy blues, and taking the last traces of gentle summer breezes with it.

Want to see the progression? Dusk Painting Process